About Us

Haiti in action only exist to help the people of Haiti and those around the world realize their God given potential, through affirming and empowering children and adults the right to live free of economic and social oppression, we believe that every person ( human being ) have the right to live life to the fullness, and to attend to their highest purpose , the reason they were born , we continually thrive to reach out to the marginalized , the orphans, the homeless population and those in need of a way out of their dire circumstances, we are a group of concerned citizen of the world who feel that we can be of help to others because at one Time or another our lives were touch by someone else and so our motto is:


There are multitudes of us all over the world, you will not catch us only in board meetings but if you look closely you will find us in the streets  feeding  the homeless, in the prisons giving hope to the prisoners, in the orphanages teaching the orphans, in the hospitals visiting the sick, in your neighborhood doing back to school drives, in the schools helping with after school programs, conducting disaster relief , and most of all we are there to give HOPE to every one we encounter. For we are those people WHO LEAVE IT BETTER THAN WE FOUND IT.