About our Co-Founder

Christine T.D. Ellis

I am the the little engine that believe she can, and I did!! For nothing is impossible to those who BELIEVE!

Christine T.D. Ellis, known in the business world as a “woman who runs a tight ship,” Christine Talendier Dejardins Ellis is a native Haitian who immigrated to the United States at the age of seventeen. With the help of God and countless people, her life has been marked by one miracle after another.

Christine is the founder and co-founder of The Foothills Community Service/The Bridge and The Haitian Disaster Relief of Arizona. She is also a wife and a mother of two, a registered nurse, an evangelist, a pastor, and a business leader, but her greatest passion is to help the less fortunate and see marginalized people begin to thrive. Because of her philanthropic work, she has received many awards and accolades, both in the United States and abroad. One of these awards, being listed among the “top ten most inspirational women in Arizona” was given to her for her work in collaboration with Mr. Michael Pollack of the Pollack Investment Group and actor Sean Penn after the 2010 earthquake in her homeland of Haiti.

Christine’s accomplishments are many, but the one she values the most is the work she has done with the homeless population in the state of Arizona. For the last fourteen years, she has spent her Sunday mornings in downtown Phoenix, feeding the spirits, souls, and bodies of her friends, the homeless people of that city. Her joy in serving other people shows in everything she does, and because of this, many people believe in and contribute to her work—helping bring her dreams to pass, with many more yet to come.

An avid reader since childhood, Christine has received her inspiration to write from her family and friends, her travels, different cultures she has studied, and the different languages she speaks. And as much as she practices daily acts of kindness, her motto is still that you cannot outgive God!